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Alive Entertainment Red Carpet Entrances, Step & Repeat Photo Walls, Paparazzi Event Photography, Event Marketing. Fri, 13 Mar 2015 13:30:00 +0000 en Creative Wedding Ideas: Hollywood Red Carpet Reception Fri, 30 Mar 2012 17:36:09 +0000 admin Red Carpet Weddings

“I want to do something different and unique at my wedding reception!”

This is something we hear all the time, because let’s face it, wedding receptions ARE all the same! Tradition gets ahold of us and doesn’t let us go, but that’s okay - we all need traditions. However, deep down inside we are seeking that one “thing” to set our wedding & reception apart from everyone else’s we have ever been to. We are all looking to trump our friends with something bigger, more exciting, and unforgettable!

Custom Step and Repeat Backdrops

Imagine this: You just tied the knot. The ceremony is over. Your friends and family are patiently waiting for your introduction at the reception. Instead of having your guests sitting at their assigned table waiting for the DJ or MC to announce your wedding party and the newlyweds (you), why not have your guests give you the warmest welcome of your entire life? After all, this day is all about celebrating YOU!

Enter on your very own, custom designed Hollywood step & repeat red carpet entrance and let your friends and family play paparazzi for you! (Of course there will be room for your photographer too!)

Think about this! Not only do you get to make the entrance of a lifetime, you’re guaranteed:

  • to be the center of attention
  • to engage and interact with your guests
  • to have lots of great photos
  • and to provide fun for guests of all ages!

Oh and that crazy Aunt you have that is always blocking everyone’s view, trying to take photos when she is suppose to be seated - she is in her glory. She loves this idea.

Your guests who don’t dance, have something else to watch and participate in rather than sitting at their table twiddling their thumbs. They love this idea.

With a little liquid encouragement everyone will want to strut their stuff. The flashes are going to fly! You and your entourage will own the Facebook newsfeed for days…

Fun, affordable, and we guarantee it’s an experience that you and your guests will talk about for years to come.

About Our Custom Wedding Entrances

Event Carpet Colors

  • We stock over (18) carpet colors to choose from. Match your wedding theme or wedding party’s attire.
  • Choose from generic step & repeat backdrops like “Congratulations” or “Just Married” or design your own.
  • We have an in house design team to bring your step & repeat vision to life. We’re here to make you happy and take the work off your shoulders.
  • Need a white wedding carpet for the aisle at your ceremony? We custom cut and finish carpets to fit your venue. How is “any size” for flexibility?
  • We offer full service setup and removal in the Northeast United States: NY, VT, MA, RI, CT, NJ, PA.
  • Not in the Northeast but still want our service? We ship step & repeat backdrops and carpets anywhere in the US and Canada and will provide you with professional setup instructions. Or we will fly a team member out to service your event, just ask for a custom quote.
  • Need paparazzi style photography at the reception? We staff that too! Keep your professional wedding photographer focused on the special moments and let our staff cater to your guests.
  • Oh and don’t worry, we are fully insured and confident enough in our service to let you talk to any of our clients personally.
Wedding Aisle Carpets
Red, White, or any other wedding aisle runner carpet you want!
White Wedding & Red Wedding Carpets
How do the photos come out on it? You be the judge.

Make it a red carpet wedding!

Call us today 518-533-5331. (If we don’t pickup, we’re out at another event so please leave a message.)
Custom Event Entrances and Red Carpet Runways Fri, 06 Aug 2010 03:22:25 +0000 admin Custom Hollywood Red Carpet Entrances

Hollywood Red Carpet Service with Paparazzi Style Photography

Looking to bring the Hollywood vibe to your next event? Alive Entertainment provides Hollywood Red Carpet Runway Service and Paparazzi style photography in Upstate NY, NYC, Boston, and Connecticut. Not looking for full service? That’s okay too. We ship our carpets, banners, and accessories anywhere within the United States and Canada. Red Carpet Service is a fun and effective addition for:

  • Nightclub Entrances
  • Concert Entrances
  • Grand Openings and Ribbon Cuttings
  • Celebrity Appearances
  • Corporate Events
  • Birthdays and Private Parties
  • Fundraisers
  • University Events
  • Prom Walk-In’s
  • Grand Balls or Dances
  • Fashion Show Runways
  • Movie Premieres
  • Theatrical Performances

Our Event Entrance Services Include:

  • Custom Designed Event Entrances
  • Custom Red Carpet Banners and Backdrops
  • Custom Hollywood Entrance Carpets (all colors)
  • Red Carpet Banner Stands
  • Red Carpet Rentals and Purchases
  • Red Carpet Photo Prints
  • Red Carpet Promotional Models
  • Red Carpet Image Watermarking
  • Velvet Ropes, Gold Stanchions, and Red Carpet Accessories
  • Hollywood Skylight Rental (3000 Lumens)
  • Custom Large Format Signage and Displays
  • Paparazzi Style Photography

Not into the Hollywood look? Not a problem. The sky is the limit with our Three Step Entrance, allowing you to completely customize the look and feel of your event entrance. Choose your entrance carpet color, customize your very own backdrop and signage, and then choose from all sorts of accessories and promotional services to make your event better!

About Our Entrance Carpets

Our entrance carpets come cut to order and are completely fabricated in our warehouse. They are available in any size and any color. We can even print your company logo, design, or message right on the carpet. The edges are hemmed and the carpets are backed in nylon fiber to prevent fraying. Carpets are reusable and can be cleaned with standard household equipment.

We offer two styles of carpet customization, inlay logo carpets, and custom dyed carpets. Inlay carpets provide an affordable solution to those seeking a simple logo placement on a carpet - best for occasional use. Custom dyed carpets are great for elaborate designs and logos, permanent installations, or events expecting heavy foot-traffic. We will not screen print on any carpet, as the result is cheap and wears off easily. Don’t be fooled by anyone offering this service. Please send us your logo so we can determine what is best for you.

Choose from a variety colors below, or request a specific match from the Pantone color library. Please send us your desired PMS color. If you require materials samples mailed to you, please call us.

Hollywood Carpet Color Choices

About Our Backdrops, Banners, and Signage

All of our large format vinyl and signage is created though our strategic partner, bluemedia of Tempe, Arizona. bluemedia is a leading provider of large format vinyl printing and design. All prints are made on industry standard 3M vinyl. Your choice of 14oz vinyl, 10oz vinyl, or 9oz mesh vinyl. Our prints are the highest quality available. Don’t waste your time or money dealing with office supply stores or franchised printing companies.

Red Carpet Backdrop Banner Material Choices

Make Money with Red Carpet Entrances or Increase Your Event Sponsorship Revenue

How can you generate more money for your event, venue, or foundation? Purchase a custom backdrop banner or even a custom carpet and sell sponsor spots on the material. It’s an easy way to recuperate your costs or even become profitable. Create great photo opportunities branded with your sponsor’s logo! It’s guaranteed exposure for them! Where ever your photos wind up, so will your sponsors. Watch these photos pop up on social networks and all over the web. Everyone loves a red carpet photo as their profile picture! Watermark your images for additional revenue opportunities! Suddenly you will go from spending money, to making money. Still not sold? How do you think we started? We enhanced hundreds of events with our custom entrances and before we could even see it coming we were helping others become successful with the same model. Put your customers and supporters in the spotlight and they will love you for it! Red Carpet Service

If you are in Albany or the greater New York Capital Region, bring the Hollywood vibe in cooperation with the marketing power of Albany Alive: Upstate NY’s premiere event coverage website. Not only will we bring the red carpet to your event, but you can utilize our networks to advertise your event and increase event attendance. Plus, all photographs taken at your event can be published for free download to your attendees. Watermark the photographs and watch them pop up on social networks with your brand proudly displayed!

Celebrity Appearance Red Carpets By Alive Entertainment

  • Colin Powell at University of Albany
  • Howard Dean at University of Albany
  • Karl Rove at University of Albany
  • Boxer Tony Marshall at Polish Community Center
  • UFC Fighter Matt Hamil at Envy Lounge
  • Blues Traveler at Envy Lounge
  • Mayor Jennings at Jack’s Oyster House Grand Re-Opening

Want a custom event entrance? Want more ideas on how you can increase your revenues and sponsorships? Let’s talk details (518) 533 -5331. We custom design every entrance to your request and will go out of our way to provide you with excellent service and creativity.

Northeast Promotional Models and Event Staffing Mon, 15 Jun 2009 02:12:24 +0000 admin Northeast Promotional Models and Event Staffing Services

Alive Entertainment provides promotional models and
promotional staff for events in Upstate NY, Western NY, NYC,
and Boston. For the past three and a half years, we have had
the opportunity to promote for concerts, bar and nightlife
events, festivals, action sports, fashion shows, autoshows,
tradeshows, college events, and fundraisers.

Please browse our gallery of talent and feel free to make
staffing requests for your next event or promotion. We have
access to many other energetic and experienced personnel
outside of this gallery. Below are the individuals who wished
to be listed online for review and hire. All our staffing is done in-house
with direct contact to the models. Contact us with your event
details and budget.

Event Types
We are happy to help you with:

  • Action Sports & Fitness Events
  • Auto Shows & Bike Ralleys
  • Bar, Restaurant, & Night Club Events
  • College Campus Tours
  • Concerts & Music Festivals
  • Contests & Sweepstakes
  • Corporate & Private Functions
  • Country Club & Golf Outtings
  • Fashion Shows, Runway, and Catalog
  • Fundraisers & Charity Events
  • Photography & Cinematography
  • Print Advertising & Publications
  • Product Marketing & Demonstations
  • Street & Guerilla Marketing Teams
  • Spokesmodels & Brand Representatives
  • Trade Show & Convention Booths
2009 Promotional Modeling Expansion Announced Sun, 04 Jan 2009 22:46:19 +0000 admin Alive Entertainment Promotional Modeling

Looking to enhance your modeling career? Interested in making some side income being a promotional model? Here is your chance. If you are located in Upstate NY, Western NY, NYC, Boston, or even in New England, we are accepting Promotional Model Applications.

Alive Entertainment is providing staffing/modeling services to national liquor, beverage, and clothing brands throughout the Northeast markets. We are seeking both male and female models who wish to work:

  • Action Sports & Fitness Events
  • Auto Shows & Bike Ralleys
  • Bar, Restaurant, & Night Club Events
  • College Campus Tours
  • Concerts & Music Festivals
  • Contests & Sweepstakes
  • Corporate & Private Functions
  • Country Club & Golf Outtings
  • Fashion Shows, Runway, and Catalog Modeling
  • Fundraisers & Charity Events
  • Photography & Cinematography
  • Print Advertising & Publications
  • Product Marketing & Demonstrations
  • Street & Guerilla Marketing Teams
  • Spokesmodels & Brand Representatives
  • Trade Show & Convention Booths

Currently a gallery is being constructed on the website to feature regional models for brands to hire on an event-by-event basis. Individuals seeking contractual modeling work are invited to submit modeling applications found here

All inquires and questions can be made through our contact page.

Digital Portfolio Demo Released Thu, 09 Oct 2008 20:31:26 +0000 admin Modeling Portfolio Examples

Alive Entertainment has created a cost effective way for aspiring models, photographers, and creative talent alike to display their work on the Internet. Our digital gallery, is constructed with Adobe Flash technology and is driven by XML for easy updating and total control.

We understand how important it is to be unique. Virtually every element of the gallery is customizable:

  • Image Height & Width
  • Thumbnail Height, Width, Spacing, Alpha, Rows, Outline, Position
  • Autoplay Slideshow On/Off, Speed, Image Transitions, and Sequence
  • Background Color, Transparency, Border
  • Captions On/Off
  • Active Thumbnail Border, Rollover, and Default States
  • Rounded Corners or Square
  • Images/Numbers/Color Blocks for Thumbnails
  • Custom Logos, Headers, and Additional Graphics

There are endless possibilities for what you can do with your digital portfolio and how we can make it look. Here are just a few live demo’s we brewed up.

Modeling Portfolio Example 1

Digital Portfolio Demo 1

Modeling Portfolio Example 2

Digital Portfolio Demo 2

Modeling Portfolio Example 3

Digital Portfolio Demo 3

If you would like more information or pricing information please read here or contact us.

Tom Morello Plays at Larkfest 2008 Mon, 22 Sep 2008 18:14:55 +0000 admin Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008

This past Saturday, September 20th, 2008, Tom Morello played to thousands of Capital Region fans for Albany’s Larkfest. Morello is a founding member of the bands Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave. He is also widely known for appearance in Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock, created by local game company, Activision/Vicarious Visions.

We had the opportunity to photograph Tom Morello on stage at Larkfest and thought we would share!

Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008

Whatever it takes!

Tom Morello at Larkfest 2008

Back 2 School Promotional Prints Mon, 15 Sep 2008 14:54:08 +0000 admin

Alive Entertainment is offering a back-2-school print special for students that are apart of a local college club, organization, fraternity, or student government.

Save 10% instantly by ordering prints for your student related group. Alive Entertainment has the capability to print banners, promotional tents, flyers, brochures, letterhead, envelopes, posters, pens, bottle openers, chapstick, lip balm, key chains, foam cups, stickers, decals, magnets, condoms, or apparel. With a print network of over 500 shops, we are able to undercut the competition in price and value.

We invite you to go out and search for the best possible print prices you can find. Call up other print shops, take a browse through catalogs, and Google up a storm. Bring us a quote in writing and ask us if can do better. We are confident we have the ability to undercut any competitor’s pricing without cutting out quality.

**Promotional prints vary in production times, prices are based on quantity and specifications, and all orders are custom quoted. Please contact us with your print needs.

Alive Entertainment’s PageRanks 3 on Google Fri, 12 Sep 2008 22:43:49 +0000 admin Albany Alive has a Google Page Rank of 3

Alive Entertainment’s now has a Google Page Rank of 3!

What is the big deal with Google PageRank? Well, it proves an accomplishment in search engine optimization (SEO). This means the website is considered important to search engines. While Google does not make the World spin on a daily basis, it does encompass about 80% of all users search engine of choice. has lots of pages indexed on search engines: 

  • Google has 7,900 Albany Alive pages indexed.
  • Yahoo has 1,053 Albany Alive pages indexed.
  • AltaVista has 1,070 Albany Alive pages indexed.

As of today the grand from all major search engines 10,226 pages indexed.

What does a page rank of 3 mean to Alive Entertainment’s clients?

Your events, announcements, and advertisements being posted on are getting seen by thousands and thousands of unique visitors a month. is proving itself a worthwhile investment for regional and national advertisers targeting the 21-35 age demographic. We are getting contacted by new advertisers every month.

Alive Entertainment would like to give a big thank you to the people and businesses of the NY Capital Region for helping to make a continuing success.

Internet Modeling Portfolios for Aspiring Models Fri, 12 Sep 2008 21:47:00 +0000 admin Alive Entertainment Internet Modeling Portfolio

Internet Modeling Portfolios

Live Demo - Click Here

The modeling industry is a hard industry to break into. Whether you want to be on the next cover of Maxim Magazine or want some photos for your personal hobby, we will help make your modeling portfolio shine.

Not only can we provide professional photography for your next modeling shoot and prints to build your physical portfolio, but we will build and customize a digital gallery to feature the best of your modeling work on the Internet.

Internet Modeling Portfolios include:

  • A web page with an interactive photo gallery, customized to your liking.
  • Easy and dynamic updating, allowing you to take total control of the photos being displayed without immense technical knowledge, or having to pay someone else to update it for you.
  • Search Engine Optimization to help model scouts and companies of interest find your digital modeling porftolio.
  • A listing of your portfolio on Alive Entertainment’s website for scouts and businesses to browse.
  • A bio page with photo. The bio page can include career information, career goals, model specs, and anything else you might want to share.

Optional Modeling Extras:

  • Modeling portfolio can be setup on your own domain name, such as www.[yourname].com or www.[yournamemodeling].com ($15)
  • Modeling portfolio can be setup with your own hosting package, giving you secure storage for extra modeling photos, scans, and digital assets. ($75)
  • A personalized modeling e-mail address for people and general public to contact you at can be setup. Example: ($25)

If there are other features you wish to have or would like to discuss a packaged price with prints and a photo shoot, please contact us for a custom quote. We do all we can to help aspiring models. Internet Modeling Portfolios start at $299.99. Modeling portfolios are available to all, not just models native to the Albany, NY area.

Live Demo of the Product

Alive Entertainment Internet Modeling Porfolio

Albany Alive Flyer Advertising Thu, 11 Sep 2008 15:39:38 +0000 admin Each week we take hundreds of photographs for and reach thousands of people all over the NY Capital Region during their time of leisure. We attend city events, festivals, concerts, nightclubs, sporting events, bars, restaurants, special promotions, contests, and business grand openings. Every individual we catch on camera is handed an flyer letting them know where they can obtain their free picture.

  • We distribute about 20,000 flyers a year in coordination with photography.
  • We order flyers in batches of 5,000 every quarter, offering seasonal advertising spots.
  • is out approximately 3-4 nights a week all year long.
  • Our flyers get into events and venues that traditional advertising cannot.
  • Flyers are not just “handed out.” Each person who gets a flyer, gets a brief introduction to who we are, what we do, and any sponsor offers on the back.